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Preliminary Impeachment Inquiry Filed Against President Trump
by Causes
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  • BestAmerica-Mian

    President of America is not only president of USA but represents the president of the free world since USA is the super power and ideal democracy. Based on these facts, president should have diplomatic qualities and work with all people and nations and not bully anyone. Also conflict of business is huge. No government employee should use political power to gain wealth. As a government official, official works for people and not other way around. President should respect that and divest from business so this behavior is not suspected. If difficult to divest, it's understandable since he spent his lifetime building the business and in that case no need to divest, instead give up the government position. Pick one of the 2 choices, run Business or sacrifice and be a government official like other officials do. All those serving in government makes a lot of sacrifice for the people. I appreciate that. President is a smart man and hopefully will make a better decision for the nation as whole.


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