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Should Doctors Be Required to Show Fetal Images to Patients Before Abortions?
by Causes
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  • Garrett
    Voted No

    This requirement, to show a pregnant woman an ultrasound of her womb prior to a pregnancy termination, in Kentucky, is unethical and coercive. Showing the vulnerable, anxious woman an ultrasound is designed to make her feel even worse about her unfortunate circumstance, with the goal of forcing her NOT to undergo the procedure. There is no medical indication for this unnecessary procedure and subverts the technology to attempt to support a specific opinion about pregnancy termination, NOT shared by many in this country. I understand there is ONLY ONE practitioner left in Kentucky who performs pregnancy termination. This is just another attempt to get Roe vs Wade back to the SCOTUS to overturn it; there are no studies to demonstrate what the effect of showing a pregnant woman the ultrasound of her womb has on her decision to terminate her pre-viable pregnancy. I think it is extremely unlikely that a woman presenting for a termination of her pregnancy does not know what is happening in her womb.

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