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Watch & Comment Live: House Judiciary Impeachment Hearing - Dem & GOP Lawyers
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  • Chris

    Lmao!! It’s 2019. Democrats need to Move on. They can’t accept he won; Can’t accept the Minorities voted for him; Can’t accept the fact that Job Growth is Up; Won’t accept the fact that people are tired of this tay payer wasted Shame. But people are to blinded by the fact that They’ve voted democratic their ENTIRE lives and STILL refuse to see what the Democrats have done to their OWN states🤣😂. I hope Warren; or Biden; or Anyone else get some elected and THEN when those SAME voters start complaining I’m going to Troll their Twitter feeds and Facebook Posts and State; Why are you Complaining; you got what you wanted(markets falls; Job growth Declines; jobs go BACK overseas) why Complain Got what You sit there and take in like a Good little Democratic Voter and just like they Blame Trump I’m going to Blame them but this time Facts matter not just rederic from MSNBC; CNN;CBS & The View.

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