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Medicare’s Prescription Drug Coverage Became Law Under George W. Bush On This Date
by Causes
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  • John

    The only fix is to do away with the insurance industry. This won’t happen because our country is run by and for the insurance industry. Those of us paying for insurance for a “Preferred Provider” should ask the doctor how much he or she pays the insurance company to have preferred provider status. If your doctor is a surgeon, they pay more. That’s right, your doctor pays the same insurance company you pay, to be your doctor. How is that not a kickback? Ask your elected officials. Does your state require you to carry automobile liability coverage? One guess who paid off the state officials. We’re taught that insurance is based on the idea of “shared risk” but “Preferred Risk” kicked that idea to the curb at least fifty years ago. The insurance industry makes money hand-over-fist and will do whatever it takes to continue that and even increase it. They’ve hired screen writers to try to buff their image; remember ‘Barnaby Jones’? Lipstick on a pig? Remember AIG (American Insurance Group) getting in line for a government bailout and catching hell when it was revealed the CEO planned to spend ONE MILLION DOLLARS to redecorate his OFFICE, not the building, just his office? Pardon the rant but the topic of insurance touches a nerve - obviously.


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