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U.S. Economy Beats Expectations by Adding 266K Jobs in November
by Causes
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  • Andrea
    Voted Sad

    Wonderfullll!!! Now what are theses jobs??? Are any of them the immediately needed $15 an hour minimum wage jobs??? That bills been sitting on good ole McConnell’s desk all the while Mr.McConnell & friends have voted themselves a pay raise 6 SIX TIMES. What the what?!?!?! It’s great more jobs, are they jobs you can make a decent living? I know single moms & women that have to work 2 TWO jobs to put together rent & food. I know DAYCARE teachers who basically RAISE other people’s children (6:36 am til 7:00pm) who spend more time with other people’s children than they can their own! Why do they work so long & hard teaching abc’s, social skills, personal needs only to make $7-$10 an hour & pay more for health insurance than they get back in their checks! That’s just one example that’s close to me. I’m retired & SS just got a $9 col raise yippee that’s LESS THAN $1 a month. Making America.... ok more jobs of some kind not to mention the matriculation of death & the mass incarcerations all over creating FREE LABOR. Ignorance Is Bliss right? Bravo.’Its an election year coming. Namaste

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