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Three Legal Experts Testify Trump Committed Impeachable Acts, One Dissents
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • davidf
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    The pattern of Trump’s behavior from when he was losing money on his properties, when he was campaigning for the Republican nomination, during his campaign for the presidency, and since his election has been consistent. He is and has been self focused, self aggrandizing, prone to conspiracy theories, willing to lie to promote himself and to denigrate others to that same end. His behavior is completely consistent with the characteristics of classic malignant narcissism. That said, after having read the Mueller Report, reviewing Gates testimony from the Roger Stone trial, reviewing the statements and evidence (factual) presented at the Intelligence Committee hearings, and then putting that in the context of the information provided by all four of the professors today it is clear that Trump has committed crimes of extortion, bribery, perjury, and obstruction of justice. He has clearly violated his oath of office. Given that Trump admitted to the attempted bribery (yes, attempted bribery is a crime) in a Rose Garden interview, and this was confirmed publicly by Mick Mulvaney that alone should be sufficient evidence to impeach. The Republicans know this. Whether they will honor what little respect and integrity they have left, or will further debase themselves remains to be seen.

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