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Three Legal Experts Testify Trump Committed Impeachable Acts, One Dissents
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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    They could also impeach him for 1. Taking Russian assistance to influence an election and using it- Conspiracy (and continues to ask for more!) 2. Passing Top secret intelligence to Russians in the Oval Office! —Treason 3. Lack of Candor (telling more than 12,000 DOCUMENTED lies to the American public) 4. Campaign finance violations (paying off porn stars)(National Inquirer) 5. Inaugural fund violations (Over paying personal friends, missing millions of dollars) 6. Pay for Play Giving top donors jobs or making federal changes at their requests 7. Emoluments Violations (obviously-most egregiously the MILITARY stop overs in Scotland and Pence in Ireland) 8. Nepotism - Ivanka and Jared who incidentally USE PRIVATE EMAIL SERVERS AND WHATSAPP!!!!! 9. Crimes against humanity children in cages and taking children from parents and adopting them out 10. Money Laundering (DuetcheBank) 11. Obstruction of Justice Refusing to obey any subpoena OR allowing anyone else to. Firing, demoting or reassigning every single top FBI official that knew of his illegal campaign activity and obstruction acts! 12. Extortion of foreign countries A. Qatar - He sanctioned Qatar when they refused to loan Kushner money to pay for his 666 building in NYC and only lifted those sanctions when they did. B. Ukraine - Bribing them with holding appropriated funds until they investigate his opponent, and also over a year ago when he made them drop charges and lose the investigation against Manafort. 13. Violations of Presidential Records act (Completely eliminated any transparency. He has stopped the WH dictation that is supposed to be a part of the permanent POTUS record. He stopped any recording of phone calls, read outs, comings and going to WH. He has stopped WH press briefings-which have always been daily.) 14. Illegally pushed through top security clearances for at least 30 people whom both the FBI and the CIA had failed to pass! 15. Over 20 women have accused Trump of some sort of sexual assault 16. Conduct unbecoming (obviously) 17. Witness Tampering Offering pardons to people to break laws to further his agenda (Manafort, Flynn, CBP, ICE, builders of the wall on private lands) 18. Violating laws of separation of powers (refusing to follow constitutional laws of congressional oversight etc) 19. Abuse of Power! Empowering self with powers he doesn’t have and acting on them (refusing to allow subpoenas to be honored) Exerting “constitutional” executive privilege which doesn’t apply and isn’t even a thing! Corrupting the AG and DOJ to do his bidding. Covering up his crimes, investigating his enemies. 20. Felony alteration of weather forecast with threats to fire anyone from the NWS who publicly disputes his lies. (ALABAMA) 21. Refused to enforce sanctions against Russia that were (bipartisan) passed on more than one occasion. Has even since removed sanctions and has CONSISTENTLY pushed Russia’s agenda here and around the world. 22. Aside from pulling us out of the Paris Accord he ACTIVELY pushes the agenda of climate damaging laws. (Which directly relates to Pay For Play) 23. Extortion, Bribery, Campaign Finance Violations - Ukraine Withholding aid for their defense against Russia until they blocked Mueller from gaining information regarding their investigation of Manafort and release the Russian Muellur wanted back to Russia. Then refused to speak with or deliver aid to them AGAIN, this time wanting investigation launched into Crowdstrike (RW conspiracy theory regarding Hillary’s emails and origins of Steele Dosdier) AND of Hunter Biden. 24. Witness Intimidation. Threatening whistleblower and those who shared information with him/her. “This is a spy. Back in the old days you know we dealt with spies a lot differently. Back when we were smart with dealt with spies and traitors differently”

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