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Should the U.S. Tighten Access to Food Stamps?
by Causes
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  • Pat
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    You know that somethings definitely wrong or somethings up when there’s no money for food for people that can’t afford it but our little area here outside of Toledo Hospital Toledo and Area hospitals is so insurance rich that they’re all stumbling over each other to build more hospitals there’s plenty of money for that because we all have insurance we all have union jobs and good benefits. Makes me a little bit suspicious about all the takeaways in the givings. ProMedica has increased the number of facilities, Mercy health partners are Mercy has increased their facilities, now St. Luke’s is going to add on to their‘s of their surgery and their cancer and clean up there and don’t know what they’re all going to do they have so damn much money now that they’re just fighting each other to get more of it. In the meantime I can’t get a scooter in the meantime I can’t get anybody to get on the work for me because I have to wait six months through the Area Office And Aging because they cut their money back and they all work on Medicare so who siphoning the money off of what that’s what I wanna know something is definitely wrong when there is so much money for these hospitals to expand even build more roads and move and better exits. Why do government money going into this and being taken away what are they doing Robin from the port to give to the rich is that reverse Robin Hood is him is him ism? Patricia


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