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Should the U.S. Tighten Access to Food Stamps?
by Causes
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  • Pat
    Voted No

    I just read down the column about 99% of them are saying no. I’m just wondering what they’re saying to you is what is what I think it is this some kind of holocaust are they trying to kill people off in mass quantities just take the food away from them? Don’t pay him enough if they do go to work what’s the deal this is very on Hitler ask Hitler and Nazi where are that this is not who we are here and United States. The Republicans think they got sick written out all of our four heads or actually highly intelligent and we can see what they’re doing. The one carpet comment is actually bringing up about the impeachment the comment that Trump thinks that he can go bribe a foreign nation for his political campaign and that’s what we got today on the TV they are starting the impeachment campaign I think they should’ve started in a long time ago. Should’ve never gotten started they should’ve never let that man in office with his mental in imbalance you can’t put people like that in charge of them richest country in the world. There needs to be a litmus test before the next one says I won and they didn’t because they’ve already done it to Al gore and Hillary Clinton so when are people going to wake up and see this. That’s why President Obama got in twice because nobody ever wanted to see another Republican and again it wasn’t never Trumper‘s it was never Republicans and never Trumper‘s. Patricia

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