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Should the U.S. Tighten Access to Food Stamps?
by Causes
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  • Pat
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    I just got a drop-down message today and it says that trumps cutting back on food stamps so I accidentally deleted it so I googled it and there was three articles in there about different things that he’s doing with food stamps and people that are less fortunate ha ha ha ha what are you he is or he is a real trip isn’t it I said from the day he said that he won the election that was not true something went wrong it went boom in the night Hillary actually won but he didn’t but somehow rather he had those forces helping him with those election machines somehow or the recording of it the Recording of it somehow rather not recording reporting both something went wrong that I still have trouble believing he’s even in office 400 days later on and then our governor here in Ohio Governor Dewine. He’s not watching the gas prices he’s turning his head to that and favoring their businesses the oil shakes or something I don’t know I’m just saying that about a week ago it was only 213 a gallon today it’s up to almost 3 dollars a gallon or 256 or I don’t know I just drove by it $2.56 I just got it for $2.13 a week ago that’s our fine Republican governor and our fine republican president aren’t we proud of them not.Not!

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