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Should the U.S. Revoke Medals of Honor Awarded to Soldiers for the Wounded Knee Massacre?
by Causes
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  • Centrist172

    It seems like a lot of folks are making comments here based on partisan knee-jerk reactions. Can we please strive for civil discussion? Most accounts indicate that the soldiers were not "following orders" - and it generally considered that the "officers lost control of the men" (per the reporting officer). So, it seems, while we all appreciate the need for military discipline, this can not be applied here. (And to those who are knee-jerking their "support the troops" line, please remember that our soldiers represent the U.S. -- they are the best of us. And soldiers are not required to follow illegal orders.) It's not clear what acts the medals were awarded for. It seems surprising that 20 were awarded -- that is a lot of Honor medals for such a relatively small engagement. There might be one or two that were awarded for reasons of true valor (did any of the soldiers get the medal for trying to stop the chaos? for trying to save any of the Lakota?). And yes, we all have more important things to focus on -- but none of us are able to focus 100% on the future. And besides, those who do know their past are doomed to repeat it. History is full of examples of one tribe stealing/overcoming/occupying the lands of others. It's usually justified by villainizing/dehumanizing the original occupants. It wasn't right or acceptable in the 1880's nor in the 1960's nor in 2019. Humans -- all of us -- have to stop doing that to each other. Our future depends on it. (and yes, I do consider all of the "you dems/libs" and "you trumptards" -- that's the SAME mentality that allowed Wounded Knee to happen. Dehumanization of the "other.")


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