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Should the U.S. Revoke Medals of Honor Awarded to Soldiers for the Wounded Knee Massacre?
by Causes
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  • Greg
    Voted No

    Noooooooo, just shut the F up about this. It wasn’t the proudest day in the HISTORY of America, but that’s the point, it’s HISTORY. You bleeding heart, unintelligent wimps have done enough tearing down and tearing apart our countries history. Leave it alone, it is there for us to learn from not for anyone to destroy. If you can’t handle the bad that goes with all good this country has gone through then move somewhere you can be proud of!! (good luck with that) It was a different time and feelings were different for Native Americans and White Americans, nothing we do now is going to bring those people back and taking away the medals the soldiers received just to make you feel better is not going to change a thing. Put real history classes back in schools so our children can learn what really happened in all cases, both the good the bad and the ugly. You can’t rewrite it folks, it is what it is, SO LET IT BE!!!!


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