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Should the House Censure President Trump Instead of Impeaching Him?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Elkathryn71
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    Censure should have happened at the end of year one - when fact checkers noted Trump lied many times every day - when it was clear he was thumbing his nose at every norm - when he was refusing to have an American interpreter at his meetings with Putin - we are long past censuring his behaviors in office - the GOP will not remove him from office - as a white female confirmed registered voter in my district my only method to make my voice heard is by voting against him and ALL Republicans - from my local Rep candidates in town hall to EVERY GOP in my state who runs for office. This GOP scandal will be a historical black mark. Evil may not be uncovered in my lifetime - but history will uncover it in due time - more quickly as IT and AI ethics are developed.

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