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House Democrats Plan Next Steps in Trump Impeachment Probe
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Tony
    Voted No

    Well, it doesn't matter what the American people think. Schiff and Pelosi are going to continue with this COUP no matter the economic or political cost. This whole charade has been concocted to protect Criminal Democrats and the crimes that could, indeed, result in charges of HIGH TREASON. Hillary Clinton sold uranium to Russian Oligarchs. Barack Hussein Obama sent BILLIONS of dollars and other currency, on a wooden pallet, in the middle of the night via private aircraft to the terrorist sponsoring nation of IRAN. Joe Biden's son, who was to be investigated and indeed prosecuted in Ukraine for his role in an energy company scam, got off the hook because his father had the Ukrainian prosecutor fired by denying economic aid to Ukraine if they didn't comply with his demand to fire the prosecutor. ALL OF THIS IS KNOWN FACT! But to the filthy Democrats and those who vote for them, NONE OF THIS MATTERS. All that matters is Trump is gone. So, it would seem that ANY DEMOCRAT, is perfectly happy to let the CRIMINALS they KNOWINGLY ELECT AND SUPPORT, run roughshod over our Republic, the rule of law and the Constitution. If for no other reason than to get rid of one man they don't like. Then they tell everyone who'll listen that THEY are the "true" patriots. What they are? A bunch of MORONS who would allow criminals to run the country while they turn a blind eye to the entire criminal operation. Kind of like allowing CRACK DEALERS to live right next door and sell the CRACK to their kids. How morally inept is that?

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