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Federal Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Advanced by House Committee
by Causes
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  • Lonesomelight
    Voted Yes

    Simply put, Marijuana should never have been made illegal. How many people die annually to tobacco? 1 in 5 deaths every year according to the CDC are due to tobacco, but it's legal. How many people die to alcohol every year? 1 in 10 deaths every year according to the CDC are due to alcohol, but it's legal (and has some health benefits in small amounts). How many people die annually to Marijuana which has multiple safe health applications? NONE. Why the disconnect? Labeling it a controlled substance is all a ruse so you can arrest people of color who are disproportionately penalized for possession, and place them in prison labor to save a hefty penny for corporations like Victoria's Secret. THAT'S the real reason. (Fun fact: there are more African Americans in slave labor now under the 13th amendment than there were before the emancipation proclamation) Own up to this human rights violation and legalize cannabis.


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