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Deadly Mass Protests in Iran – Should the U.S. Aid Anti-Government Demonstrators?
by Causes
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  • Andrea
    Voted No

    I'm sorry we have our own issues with our government we nees to fix the issues here that you have created. They need to fix their issues. When y'all get out people off the streets then you can help. .. But at least they have reasons for protest. Seems people in this country will violently protest anything Trump and it's disgusting. This is the freest country , everyone comes here and YOU the people are making a bigger MOCKERY out of what the democrats in the house started smh.. What has happened to civilization. No one is civil anymore.. And Illinois you need to get your ass together balance a budget fix the pension stop helping Chicago and ignoring the rest of us and reduce the gas tax . its b.s. you are causing people to leave, democrats of Illinois ... We elected you and you are a huge disappointment. You are why I am no longer a Democrat. YOU have forgotten what it means to work for the people . tragically you have lost touch with reality. CHICAGO ISNT THE ONLY CITY HERE!!!


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