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Preliminary Impeachment Inquiry Filed Against President Trump
by Causes
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  • Kim

    I was pursuing a graduate degree in Japan with Masters students from 30+ countries during the election. I wish you heard some of the things they had to say. People are terrified still, not just in America but around the world. I had friends from the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia saying they'd love to visit America, but definitely not now since they would be scared for their lives. That is not the message we want sent about America, and I am very sad that we have come to this point. This man we have elected to a high office has no respect for democracy, no respect for marginalized people (shown in not even acknowledging the controversy over DAPL), fully denying scientific evidence and trying to silence any medium that doesn't state things his way. Psychologists have spoken out that he is showing signs of mental distress (and as someone with a degree in Neuroscience, I concur). This is not about the Republican Party, this is about the true terror people have of the person who is supposed to be representative of the nation. It has been shown overwhelmingly that Americans want Muslims here, (and as someone who has lived in Muslim-majority countries, I completely disagree with much of the Islamophobic rhetoric), want refugees here, and want their voices heard in science. He wants to run this country like a business, and as an MBA student, there are things in the government that should work like a business, but no business ethics, conflicts of interest, or Business Judgement Rule can explain the decisions he has made.

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