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AOC Leads Democrats’ Calls for Stephen Miller to Resign Over Leaked Emails on Race
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  • Chola
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    10 years ago, I watched The 1967 movie "In the Heat of the Night" for the first time, OMG. I WAS FREAKING OUT. I kept repeating through the whole movie. YOU CAN'T TALK TO PEOPLE LIKE THAT. YOU CAN'T TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THAT. I WAS HORRIFIED. 3 years ago our president refuse to condem Nazi's. Started kid napping immagrant children. Then the bigotry that was openly displayed by canidates before 2018 race was shameful, disgusting, and extremely distubing. I found myself saying the same things i said while watching in the Heat of the night. You can't treat or talk to fellow humanbeings like that. Why would you want to be that ugly and abusive to another person. I believe Steven Miller should be fired. The SEWER that Washington is under the Trump Administration; has me missing the swamp. I am a proud Iowan. My Rep. Is currently Steve King, He has always been an Embarrassment to Iowa. JD SHOLTEN \D 2020 IOWA'S CANIDATE Finally a representative we are proud to send to Washington DC!!!!¡!!!! Wikipedia › wiki › In_the_Heat_of... In the Heat of the Night (film) - Wikipedia

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