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Supreme Court Allows Sandy Hook Families to Sue Remington – Do You Support the Decision?
by Causes
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  • Ken
    Voted No

    Guns are an integral part of the "arms" directed for the militia under the responsibility of Congress. Congress has failed to observe its responsibility to "provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia". Congress, the Supreme Court, and the NRA have all misconstrued the Second Amendment to endorse recreational use of "guns" (never once mentioned in the Constitution or any Amendment) or any other recreational activity. The Second Amendment was implemented to prevent corrupt politicians from disarming the militia, not arming criminals and mental defectives. The AR-15 type weapon is a poor choice for the militia, but Congress has provided no guidance/legislation defining what guns are an appropriate component in "arms" for the militia. Absent such guidance a decision by an "arms" manufacturer to manufacture and sell guns should not be the basis for legal action against the manufacturer.

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