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Do You Want the Supreme Court to End DACA?
by Causes
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  • Victor
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    DACA is not the solution. Congress needs to find a legitimate solution to the problem. The USA cannot take everyone, nor should we. Maybe some "common sense" regulations would make sense such as creating a multi-year waiting period (e.g., 10 years) before public assistance can be collected and a waiting period for all new citizens before they can vote. I would suggest a new citizen must prove they have actively worked for at least 5 years before they can vote or collect any form of public assistance. For the people who came as children with their parents as illegal immigrants, there needs to be a common sense solution. If they haven't been convicted of a felony and can prove they haven't collected welfare, food stamps, and are either in school or actively working, we need to find a path to citizenship for them. We also need to pass a law that makes it impossible for future illegal immigrants to benefit in the same way.

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