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Do You Want the Supreme Court to End DACA?
by Causes
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  • Charlotte
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    DACA recipients have stringent standards they have to maintain in order to remain eligible for these protections. They must not have any criminal offenses. They must attend school, be enrolled in the military, or maintain employment. If only Trump and his supporters had to have similar strict civic standards to maintain THEIR citizenship. If only. DACA recipients have to check in/provide status updates every two years to maintain eligibility. Many of these young people know no other country and only speak English. Trump is only trying to enforce this to throw red meat to his base - anyone with functioning neurons knows that there is no rational basis for this. Those Trump supporters who support this are ignorant, bigoted, or both. They are definitely cruel. And they are NOT Christians. Trump supporters have gone insane with their worship of a false prophet/idol. They are the revelers of sociopathy, greed and stupidity. Must be so proud.

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