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The DC: đź—˝ The state of America's veterans, and... Do you support public impeachment hearings?
by Causes
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  • NoHedges

    Last I knew ignorance of the law was no excuse for breaking the law. Nor, is a pattern of lawlessness considered a defense. Serial killers don’t get off because they killed x number of people prior to getting caught. Likewise, Republicans ARE no longer ignorant of what Donald Trump is capable of. They are by definition complicit. Republicans are also incorrect about Trump NOT being a murderer or robber. Technically, he is more. His REPUBLICAN endorsed stall lead to the mass slaughter of thousands of Ukrainians. He has robbed millions of Americans of their tax dollars. And he has been accused of sexually violating more than 25 women. TRUMP IS A MURDERER, A ROBBER AND A SEXUAL PREDATORS. Or, more succinctly put, President Trump is a new republican.

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