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Republicans Call on Hunter Biden to Testify in Trump Impeachment Probe
by Axios
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  • Allan
    Voted Yes

    To Jim K the site bot. Joe Biden is on tape telling the Ukrainian government saying they have six hours to fire the investigator looking into his sons company. If not he was getting on a plane and taking our money with him .. this is exactly what you’re accusing President Trump of doing.. But with no evidence at all!. If you don’t see why it’s important for Biden and his son to testify You’re Pardison hatred is blinding your common sense. In your mind it’s OK for Biden to do it (because he’s a Democrat) But not OK for Trump( because he’s a Republican) you people are willfully blind and trying to sell us a line of shit !!! it’s a hard sell with no evidence . Talk about railroaded by A kangaroo court.


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