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Trump Calls Public Impeachment Hearings a 'Hoax' - Do You Support Public Impeachment Hearings?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Cecile
    Voted Yes

    The Republican majority during his first 2 years in office allowed Trump to do whatever he wanted and ignore the law. Well, he's always ignored the law. Add to that the fact he's an ignorant misogynist bully who uses his size and bluster to get what he wants. He refuses to divest himself from any of his dying business ventures and is having bromances with the world's top three dictators. He's not just a bad example of a world leader, he's bad example of a human being. He has no empathy, no compassion, and no sense of humor. Any time he laughs is when someone is being degraded or humiliated. He only knows how to drag people down not lift them up. As much as I've disliked other Republican presidents, especially Bush 43, Nixon, and Reagan, none of them ever behaved as disrespectfully or disreputably as Trump. He's a sociopath well on his way to becoming a psychopath. He never should have been elected and just needs to be gone. I'm just so glad that my Senators and Representative all see Trump for what he is and are fighting him as best they can. Thank you Sen Schumer, Sen Gillibrand, and Rep Morelle.

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