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Is a Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine an Impeachable Offense?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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    Just as our government has separation of power by virtue of the 3 branches, no individual, regardless of rank and title, should be allowed to use governmental assets for personal gain. There should be “silos “ separating business and personal assets with no co-mingling. These are the laws and rules which all working citizens must abide. When these tenants break down, we call it extortion, grand theft, embezzlement and other derogatory terms. And we punish the offenders. It has become obvious to most Americans that President Trump failed to execute his duties and obligations as required by the Constitution and Congress. He sought personal gain in the form of political information which he could use to smear his political opponents, strengthen his chances of getting re-elected for another term and thus feed his insatiable ego. He considers no one his equal, has no respect for anyone else and their opinions (including his wife and family members) and thinks that loud volume will scare people away. He is a living personification of the principles that “ might makes right” and “the ends justifies the means”. If Quid pro quo can get him to his promised land, it is all good. I do have one positive wis for him and it is steeped in Illinois tradition. I hope he and Blago could be cell mates for a long time.


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