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McConnell: Twitter Political Ad Ban 'Degrades Democracy'
by Causes
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  • Cheryl
    Voted No

    As long as the ad ban applies across the board to EVERY political ad, then no. As far as "degrading democracy" no one has done a finer job of degrading democracy than mitch mcconnell... he is a career traitor.... has taken gifts and money from our enemies, supports oligarchs and corporate giants, has voted NO on every single bill that would assist veterans, clean our environment, keep poison out of our water and soil, provide better education for our kids. He has kept every solid, well-thought out and promising bill authored by the House from ever reaching the floor. If there is anyone I despise more than donald tRump it is mitch mcconnell... he's no statesman, he and his wife are dual co-conspirators in defrauding the country... corrupt to the core.

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