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The Latest: Sondland Changes Testimony, Admits Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • jimK
    Voted Yes

    The act of withholding congressionally appropriated funds to protect our national security interests as leverage to solicit the recipient country to re-initiate an already resolved investigation of a political opponent is wrong and an extremely dangerous abuse of presidential authority for a political advantage. It does not matter that the investigation was never started; it only matters the the resources of this country were purposely withheld from supporting our national security as a basis for gaining political advantage- and that trump knew what he was doing was illegal. That’s why Giuliani is in the middle of all of this. The fact that the detailed records of the ‘key’ witnessed phone were quickly locked down; Those who expressed concerns over the phone call were told to not talk about it; Those who were concerned about the suggestion that aid was being withheld or that Giuliani was doing inappropriate things were demonized and dismissed- So yes, what was being done was known to be illegal and was being covered up as it was being done. Yes! Impeachable!

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