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Preliminary Impeachment Inquiry Filed Against President Trump
by Causes
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  • Aaron

    Do not support this at all please. This is so hypocritical. Most of the reps in our government have conflicts if interest etc. for them to go after trump ? It's childish and not at all kosher. I don't agree with many of trumps policies, but to impeach? It's bullshit. Every president we have had should be impeached then. Obama murdered people(women and children) almost everyday of his terms. Hillary and Obama along with the government have been aiding in funding terrorism. Which is true. Why wasn't he impeached ? The whole Russia thing is still bs. No public proof of anything has been disclosed. Instead of working together to make things better this is just political bullshit and if you support it you are actually not interested in helping your are just interested in a making things worse.

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