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Smugglers Have Been Sawing Through Trump’s Border Wall
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  • Catherine
    Voted Oppose

    The recent destruction of portions of the wall with easily obtained saws clearly demonstrates that this is an insulting, ineffective misuse of taxpayer funds. NO. THERE SHOULDN’T BE A WALL. It is illogical. It’s a fiscal (unfathomably expensive), diplomatic (obviously with Mexico and tribal lands, but it looks terrible to most of the world), and ecological (111 Endangered Species) disaster in the making. That we are trying to honor a capricious statement is mind-boggling. If we are questioning if we have to cut social security or Medicare and Medicaid, then we don’t have the fiscal capacity to fund this wall. This goes through Americans’ lands, including public and tribal lands. Those lands are promises to our people that should be kept. There are 111 Endangered Species that depend on the habitats this wall will destroy. It will block migratory paths for vital animals, whether they walk or fly. Many flying animals only fly so high, and this would block them. Truly, the push to destroy the Endangered Species Act only makes sense when pushing to land grabs like this. Reducing our biodiversity causes all beings in a ecosystem to become sicker. Protecting biodiversity protects the health of all in an ecosystem. So, this is also a threat to public health. Also, this simply won’t be effective. Boats, ladders, shovels, saws, and planes all exist. There are so many logical reasons not to support the wall. The only real logical one for the wall is pandering to a certain group.


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