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Should Housing Be a Human Right?
by Causes
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    Shelter is a basic need. The earth is here for all. It is not an equitable system where the ones with more $$$ and guns conquer lands and try to sell it back to inhabitants. We have thousands of empty homes in the US. If profit and greed weren’t the objective, every person in this country who wants somewhere to live could have a place. In CA we have a housing crisis. It shouldn’t be that rent is close to $2,000 in most places, and landlords are asking for people to make 3 and 4 times the rent. I’ve seen families become homeless simply because they had to save up the first month’s rent a security deposit to move in somewhere. My family and I would have been homeless when the house we were renting was sold and we were given a 30 day notice. There is no way we could have come up with $5,000 to move in a month. Thank goodness we had family nearby. And for all of those people who say get a job - in CA, a good majority of homeless people HAVE JOBS. They can’t afford to find anywhere to live! I teach at a community college and know adjuncts who have lived in their cars. People with Master’s degrees working two or three part time gigs but don’t have enough to pay rent on their own. Rent should not be 50, 60, 70 or 80% of someone’s income! And don’t forget - we’ve got insane health care premiums, student loans...This insanity has got to end. It doesn’t have to be subsidized. The housing industry could be regulated, which would help. Or, guess what - cutt our bloated military spending and put our tax dollars to use actually serving the people - universal healthcare, student loan forgiveness and subsidized higher education, and more options for subsidized housing are all good places to start!

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