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Wildfires Becoming Increasingly Destructive ― Where Do They Occur Most Often?
by Causes
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  • KansasTamale
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    There are many things going on here Houses are being built in forested fire prone areas & People use disaster relief funds to build back in the same location. That needs to be changed. How ridiculous is That & so cost ineffective. Relocation & construction in another spot should be the rules. Climate change, do NOT understand how people can deny the changes, is impacting & accelerating High winds, Storm intensity & precipitation patterns, causing normal yearly rainfall amounts to vary wildly which causes more wild fires where there used to be wet land. Tropical storms have intensified to the point the strength of the depressions has had to be increased. There are More & more dangerous storms in the interior of the country so the strength of tornadoes has been increased also & there is not a method now of indicating where these storms will be Tornado alley has shifted. All storm related problems has increased so that between 5 to 10 new records ars being set in the last few Years. This is not going to get better until we start working together to clean up the environment & figure out how to change it. Hope we live to see it fixed.

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