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Wildfires Becoming Increasingly Destructive ― Where Do They Occur Most Often?
by Causes
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  • Jonathon
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    Rarely in the Eastern United States do you hear of out of control wildfires. Why is that? Oh wait.....controlled burns help. They rarely do that out west, especially in places like California. I’m not saying controlled burns are the one and only answer. Controlled burns are a necessary component of a multilateral approach to preventing wildfires from destroying tens or hundreds of thousands of acres. California, sadly, is more concerned about hiring “green” tree trimming companies, or making sure that any company is culturally, LGBTQ+, racially, or ethnically diverse, rather than face the problems head on. I give zero cares to the makeup of a crew that is out clearing the power lines of overgrown trees bushes or limbs. Combating wildfires is, and should be, a state responsibility. States are all about State Sovereignty until they face a problem like consistent out of control wild fires due to their own mismanagement and negligence, and then come crawling and scraping, begging the federal government to come in and help.....yet complain about everything the federal government does. No. It’s your mess. YOU FIX IT YOURSELF.

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