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Should Your Congressperson Support Impeachment? Tell Them Now
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Linda
    Voted Support

    Trump needs to be held accountable. We are proud Americans first political party last. Anyone who chooses party over country is a traitor to America and needs to be replaced. I am not loyal to any party because I vote for the most qualified candidate but I cannot vote for anyone who chooses party over the our country. Your votes are being noted. Loyalty to America and the Constitution counts. Consider how you vote and consider how proud loyal American are going to know how you voted. We will vote for loyal America's but not traitors. There is a minority of trouble makers who support dictators but that is anti-American and their number is small do not count on winning re-election with a minority. All the money and dirty mud throwing political ads will not save you from traitors to the Constitution and the laws of this land.


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