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Should Your Congressperson Support Impeachment? Tell Them Now
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Robert
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    Trump has never read the constitution and apparently neither has a lot of you... Yes he can fire people when he wants to, HE can’t tell a foreign country to look into someone he running against, or hold up money that has been designated to that country to help fight off Putin his controller... Trump has done nothing for this country but make the rich, Richer... that tax deal showed everyone what he is about... taking care of rich... He did not create this economy, he fell into it.. try reading the federal reserve report on our economy... it has been building for the last six years.. all he did was give the big guys a lot more money to buy back more of their stocks to make even more money.. we have a bunch of people who listen to FOX news and believe everything they tell them.. Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News and he thinks Hitler was a good leader..

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