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Republicans Introduce Possible Obamacare Replacements
by Causes
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  • Rachel

    I hope that they keep free birth control- especially since they are defunding women's access to even discuss abortion. Best way to prevent an unintended pregnancy is using birth control. Whether they agree with premarital sex is really irrelevant - it is happening. The second comment- I'm tired of money being the bottom line. why is my health less important than somebody else's who has an employer who can pay more of it? The better health care our citizens get- the happier, the healthier and more productive workforce we will have. This is NOT THE PLACE TO CUT CORNERS. Please for the love of gd- just listen to people!!! If you have never had shitty health insurance or couldn't afford to pay for birth control or see a doctor for a well check because you didn't have the $20 for the co- pay.... please. And for the record- I have 2 masters degrees- my husband is a CPA and when I had kids I stayed home bc we couldn't afford daycare- and we couldn't afford anything. ACA would of been a life saver!!!


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