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The DC: ISIS leader Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead, and... 🔎 Do you support the DOJ’s criminal probe into the Russian investigation?
by Causes
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  • larubia

    Our troops, including the Intelligence agencies & Special Forces who took down Al-Baghdadi, & our allies, the Kurds, are to be commended for the fight against ISIS. They were able to do this despite tRump and his unilateral military decision-making, that now has the Northern Syrian border, the Kurds homeland, devastated. He abandoned our allies, without ever speaking to them, but to the Turkish leader! tRump continues to attack our intelligence community and the press. He does not listen to his military advisors. I’m sure Sgt. Bone Spurs knows more! ISIS has decentralized, so we will be seeing them again, even though their current leader is gone. ISIS will gain strength especially because tRump’s actions caused over 100 ISIS prisoners to go free! The most concerning part of tRump’s move was that Russia was given information about this raid prior to congressional intelligence committees & then he publicly thanked Russia before anyone else???! This president & his fixer, Barr, need to be impeached.

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