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The PATRIOT Act Was Signed Into Law On This Date
by Causes
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  • Gerald
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    B.R., you couldn’t be farther from the truth regarding personal privacy and national security. Declaring anything a matter of national security does not permit permission to intrude on one’s privacy. How would you feel about your dwelling being seized in the name of national security. All of your possessions are confiscated, for your safety, and you and your family are relocated at the will of the gov’t because it is a matter of national security. You should be okay with being the first to give up all your personal privacy and property (acquired through capitalism) for the good of the government’s desires; even though there has not been a recorded incident necessitating the patriot act. The patriot act was created not to prevent future acts but rather to justify and legalize the acts of intrusion on the American people by the gov’t before the creation of this Fourth Amendment violating bill. You believing the gov’t knows what is best for you is like your fellow neighbor living around the corner telling you how you should cook your eggs in the morning.


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