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DOJ Opening Criminal Investigation Into Russia Probe – Do You Support It?
by Causes
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    I do t think it an issue of Dems.only support investigations if they are against the GOP. The issue was invested facts were found to support Russian interference in the 2016 elections. There was the Muller Report, electronic interference, even Putin tongue in cheek said”no interference” ,but laughed and said it was a secret. He also said that he wanted Trump to win. There should be energy spent on trying to prevent any ‘foreign interference in the 2020 elections. Barr and the DOJ seem to work at the pleasure Trump and not the people of this nation. His investigation is not only a distraction but also a payback for the impeachment investigation , because Trumpy isn’t getting his way. The DOJ investigation of itself is so silly and unnecessary. Trump and his staff keeps shooting them selves in the foot publicly. Then Trump and his Administration want to back track and say we didn’t say that, but in most cases they said these things on national television.Yet the Dems. and pubic are witch hunting. Really?

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