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Barr Outlines Mass Shootings Prevention Plan – Do You Support It?
by Causes
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  • James
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    The plan AG Barr proposes seems to be something that might make sense. I am not an NRA member but I am a gun owner, with a strong belief in gun education for my children coupled with teaching my children now how to handle situations where they are upset with someone and to deal with the situation in an educated and civil manner that does not include violence. I honestly feel the we as society, not to minimize the violence that is happening across the country at all, fail to look deeper into an individual and automatically blame the tool the individual used. To illustrate my point I ask this: how many hammers have been used to bludgeon someone to death? But yet I can walk into ANY store and purchase one at anytime and yet I am not subjected to a waiting period and background check. Or for example, how many fatalities are caused by driving under the influence of any substance but yet I can go a purchase a car at anytime without being subjected to list my medications or vices. I say that to say this: violence has been a part of human society since humans started roaming this earth historically. The difference is that as we advance as a society it becomes easier to use violence as a perceived solution to personal problems. Maybe we as parents should be more diligent with our children, educating ourselves to recognize things in our children’s actions at a young age and not be too proud to seek help. Society today is more educated to learning or mental disabilities that help can be attained easily. Guns are no worse than cars or hammers lets be parents that try to learn our children’s mannerisms and look for solutions rather than blame others. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go parent.


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