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The DC: What should we call the "Countable Community"? and... đź’¬ How do you feel about Trump's 'lynching' tweet?
by Causes
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  • Celiaann

    I like (and voted for “Countable Community) as the official name. About 45 and the horribly disrespectful, and mean. The worse part is that Lindsey Graham parroted it and I am thoroughly disgusted with him. Thank goodness that the media has seized in it (Lindsey) and A Professor from Princeton Esponded to him addressing what a lynching looks like. Lindsey owes all Americans an apology, he was reckless and disrespectful. Personally, unless and until he apologizes publically I don’t want to hear anything from him...further all voters in South Carolina need to relook at him as a representative from your state. He should retire!

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