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The Latest: Read Pelosi’s ‘Fact Sheet’ on Trump Impeachment
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • NoHedges
    Voted Apathetic

    Pelosi needs to learn to walk and chew gum because while she continues on her derisive, party motivated world tour which will likely only serve to invite further foreign influence in our elections and engages in yet another inquiry of Trump’s obviously lack of ethics... our largely corrupt 45th administration, continues on its deregulation quest to remove essential environmental/consumer protections. If Democrats sincerely want Republicans to wake up, maybe Congress should do more to block ALL ATTEMPTS of this corrupt administration and put an end to its ability to personally profit. This week alone, President Trump expected to tout energy and deregulation policies in Pittsburgh appearance, which will be supported through a media manipulation campaign via the White House claiming “President Trump’s Historic Deregulation Is Benefitting All Americans”, and firmly cemented with a coordinated effort by Trump’s EPA chief touting the benefits of deregulation for environment. All while the GOP simultaneously seeks to undermine crucial fish protections that, remarkably, were supported by Republicans, including the Secretary himself. Could it be the Trump administration is trying to bury the fact that a USDA watchdog is seeking a probe on handling of climate reports? Unless more Democrats representatives are empowered authentic leadership and their legislative voice restored, there is no way for our democracy to be adequately protected from the attacks on multiple legislative fronts.

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