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The Latest: Read Pelosi’s ‘Fact Sheet’ on Trump Impeachment
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • J.Maurice
    Voted Excited

    He Presented Trump has no idea to constitutional laws an we as citizen must do better , trust in what an persons skills an service to country never in an movie star whom never served nor has knowledge in government fully or ever held offices or in any capacity of local or states level ever or history in government relations ..... President Trump an his Administration as well as Pence V.P never seem will never get what meaning an of Oath it’s sacredness,binging true , an of trusting of democracy or how to unite our nation , or become of understanding of his citizens an true freedom of this nation on how it was developed on ... We need truth & true leadership 2020 an someone whom will do an stand in solidarity to what our nation best of the best stands for our Military I appreciate an grateful to them for which they give their lives for all of their nation an for truth an it Democracy!!! Thx to all levels of law enforcement as well thx for your service an your oath you keep

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