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House Democrats plan messaging push on Trump and Ukraine
by Axios
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  • Livia

    Nancy Pelosi has been in Washington for decades, she is made herself very rich with inside trading, she hates the President of the United States. Her hatred is overtaking her brain. She wants him out, and this is the reason why, the Democrats and the Republicans cannot play the games they play in Washington DC to make themselves rich, getting paid off from special interest, from drug companies, they don’t care about America why is America in the shape that it’s in if they did what have they done for our schools other than take things out in a way and not teach our kids the way were supposed to be treated. Our inner structure hasn’t been taken care of in decades. Our military was falling apart. They did not have what they needed. They did not go somewhere to fight to win. I never heard a democrat say anything caring about our military they came home dead or wounded no arms and no legs. Where is your compassion for them they didn’t have any. I will never vote Democrat. There are a lot of talk and no action that’s been going on for decades


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