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The Latest: Mulvaney Admits, Walks Back, That Trump Withheld Ukraine Aid as Quid Pro Quo
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Allen
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    There has been foreign influence in US FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC political policies for years. The Israeli government has wielded virtually dictatorial influence on the US government since the mid 1960s, and possibly from that country's inception. President Trump's withdrawal of US military troops from Syria smells of foreign intervention, and his ILLEGAL deployment of troops to Saudi Arabia without Congressional authorization is Unconstitutional and is precisely the PROSTITUTION of the US military that Congresswoman and Democratic Presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard says it is. Congress needs to take IMMEDIATE action against this misuse of the US military and proceed with impeachment proceedings against Mr. Trump. The US, infamous around the globe for its "interventions" in the political affairs of other countries is now the victim of the foreign intervention of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and yes, likely Russia as well.


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