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McConnell Outlines Process for Potential Senate Impeachment Trial
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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    This is just ridiculous. The transcript and primary parties including Ukraine officials state there was no quid pro quo. Ukraine was not even aware at the time of the meeting that the payments were on hold. This is just dems upset that they steamroll the president so they want to oust him. So if you want to impeach, what is the underlying crime? Conspiracy? Nope, totally discredited by Mueller. Obstruction? Nope, obstruction requires a crime to which you are obstructing and there was no Conspiracy so no obstruction. Emoluments? Nope, Trump property in Ireland used many times before he was in office. In addition he is not taking salary. Ukraine? Nope, as stated above transcript of actual call and actual personal statements "trumps" second hand whistleblower statements. I wonder what is next. Impeachment is for high crimes like treason. Trump does speak quickly without measure but this is not a crime. It is truly embarrassing to see this getting any time from our tax dollars. I was not in favor of Clinton impeachment until the point where he lied under oath. That still had no effect as the senate would not vote to remove him. This will be the same issue but will happen much faster.

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