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McConnell Outlines Process for Potential Senate Impeachment Trial
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Nicholas
    Voted Yes

    I mean... what crimes has trump actually not committed? Murder? Rape? Aren’t there half a dozen rape allegations?.. idk if anyone noticed, but everyone who still supports trump has clear personality/character defects.. they hate, they judge, they believe in crazy conspiracy theories.. it’s always some glaring and obvious mental problem, test this theory out for yourself, you’ll be pretty surprised! Yet another reason we need better mental healthcare in this country.. or just keep voting for representatives who perpetuate problems, just because they say they’ll end abortion, or immigration, or LGBTQ culture, or gun control efforts.. people need to learn compromise, people need to learn how to admit they might be wrong and change their minds. Or just continue eating your own faces...

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