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McConnell Outlines Process for Potential Senate Impeachment Trial
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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    Yes, for an abundance of sound, dispassionate and apolitical reasons Donald Trump and others in his administration should be impeached, tried, and removed from office. The general charges are abuse of his office, obstruction of justice, breaking campaign finance laws and violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clauses. Specific charges include the exchange with the Ukrainian president, in which Trump subjugated the national interest and U.S. national security to his own political goals, is just one of the most clearly impeachable abuses of power. A careful reading of the Mueller report leads us to conclude that Trump continuously obstructed justice. He continues by insisting that everyone in his administration not cooperate with the various Congressional investigations. The desire for Trump to monetize the office for personal gain, a clear and intentional violation of the emoluments clauses are a regular occurrence. The latest is his wanting the next G7 meeting on his company’s properties. The hush money payment to Stormy Daniels is but a single instance of campaign finance laws violations. Others on Countable, on the internet and in the media have listed many, many specific impeachable offenses.

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