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Kurds Accuse Turkey of Violating Temporary Ceasefire Brokered by U.S.
by Causes
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  • Allen
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    I just read some of the comments. It is disgusting that so many people are puppets for the main stream conspiracy news media. Until a week ago, none of you idiots even knew that Syria and Turkey existed. The conspiracy news media takes every opportunity to get you idiots riled up. Do you not remember that Trump made the promise in his campaigns to bring our soldiers back home? Oh, you don't remember? The conspiracy news media and the anti-Trumper's could give a s**t about our soldiers, just as long as they can try to make Trump look bad. This is good for the US. We had 26 soldiers in there. That is a slaughter just waiting to happen, but you jerks could care less about the soldiers lives. What the h*ll is wrong with you?? You want to do something over there? Then get up off your a$$ and go over there and fight. Or are you too chicken? I am a Vietnam vet, I know what war is, even one that was not popular. And you have the b*lls to put down our president?? F;'k you!!

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