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How Can Congress Enforce a Subpoena?
by Causes
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  • Simon

    I can NOT believe president Trump and his associates can get away with not complying with subpoenas. What would happen if I did that? Some people seem to be above the law. And, Congress is letting them. They will delay and come up with more Presidential orders. Delay, again and again till Congress gives up? Why can't Congress send Law Enforcers and arrest them and put them in the slammer? That is what would happen to the rest of us for the littlest disobedience. Some serve years in prison for petty crimes. It is so common for the wealthy and people in positions of power to circumvent the law. I am waiting to see how Congress will ignore (forgive) this not complying with subpoenas while rest of the country are punished severely. I have NO doubt that NOTHING will happen to these people. They will not spend a day in jail. You have to admit that Justice is not fairly distributed.

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