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White House Says It Won’t Cooperate With Impeachment Inquiry - Do You Support the Move?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Joe
    Voted Oppose

    When will Republicans support the impeachment of a rougue American president, Donald T. Trump? When Russian troops are on our doorstep? When the integrity and credibility of the United States is worthless? When our longtime European allies fear for their lives and their country because they know America will not come to their aid? Or maybe when Trump pulls the U.S. out of NATO, the organization that America initiated and begun following WWII? Isolationism DOES NOT WORK and NEVER HAS!! Wake up Republicans before you and we no longer have a secure country or government!! There is a madman in the WH; a complete fool who not only does not know how a demorcacy works nor how to secure this nation, but doesn't know that the doesn't know nor even interested in learning.


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